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Bella Luna Island, Llama Passage, BC

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  • Sold on 2015-03-31
  • Property AddressBella Luna Island, Llama Passage, BC, Canada
  • TypeIsland

Bella Luna Island, Llama Passage, BC, Canada


Private island w/ 8 subdivided lots. Prime location nestled between Lama Passage & Hunter Channel, heart of the Central Coast. Mature trees, numerous building sites & safe anchorage. World class fishing surrounded by fresh air, clean water & nature at its best.

  • Lot 1 - 7.44 acres
  • Lot 2 - 9.27 acres
  • Lot 3 - 9.91 acres
  • Lot 4 - 5.02 acres
  • Lot 5 - 6.52 acres
  • Lot 6 - 5.12 acres
  • Lot 7 - 9.96 acres
  • Lot 8 - 5.02 acres

58.29 acre Private Island in Lama Pass at the mouth of Lizzie Cove, within the protected waters of the famed Inside Passage.

Bella Luna Island has been conveniently subdivided into 8 parcels, approx 5-10 acres each, all of which have ocean front access. Please see the attached lot plan. The 8 lot subdivision makes this an ideal investment or group purchase. The Island is mostly covered in mature forest and there are many trees on the Island suitable for milling into building materials for cabins.

There are many excellent building sites to choose from along the shoreline or near the center. The island is gently sloping with a 1,500 ft, narrow protected channel that connects it to Hunter Island during low tide. The South facing tip of the island is quite appealing with a gently sloping pebble beach.

The sheltered waters surrounding this island provide world class salmon, halibut and crab fishing. Its location is paramount as it is within one of the best area in BC for catching “Tyee” class salmon over 30 lbs, you can catch up to 5 different species of salmon in the area.

People come from all over the world to fish from nearby shearwater resort, only a 30 minute boat ride away and an excellent place to visit for fine dining. Shearwater also has barge service for building materials, bulk fuel and propane. It is also a reliable facility for both minor and major boat repairs including heavy duty mechanics, small engine mechanics, steel and aluminum welders, fabricators, and fiberglass experts.

Also a 30 minute boat ride away is the community of Bella Bella where services are available including a hospital, grocery store, liquor store, fuel station and much more.

Nearby Milbanke Sound and the discovery Passage support enormous numbers of Orcas (killer whales) and Humpback Whales so whale watching is readily available. This island is also very close to the Great Bear Rainforest home of the Kermode or Spirit Bear.

Location : This Island is located at the mouth of Lizzie Cove in Lama Passage on the Central Coast. Lama Passage, separating Denny Island and Hunter Island is part of BC’s famed Inside Passage, the route used by most sea traffic including cruise ships and ferries. The nearest communities include Denny Island/Shearwater and Bella Bella.
Access :

There are no roads to this Island. It can be accessed by watercraft, floatplane or helicopter.

BC Ferries provides public access to most of the Central Coast Communities including Ocean Falls, Denny Island and Bella Bella. However you come to the Central Coast, getting there will be a big part of the adventure.

Services : None
Recreation : This Island is in a prime location nestled in the center of the spectacular and scenic Central Coast. It is one of the most breathtaking and remote areas, surrounded by misty fjords, mountains, old growth rainforests and the wild Pacific Ocean. It offers some of the best in cruising, fishing or kayaking on the West Coast. If you love adventure in the outdoors, you will truly love this place.
Area Data :

Lama Passage has many twists and turns. The northern shore rises like a wall from the sea, while to the south the land becomes flatter and the coastline broken up by coves and inlets. After the straight, wide reaches of Fitz Hugh Sound and Fisher Channel the closeness of the land makes the passage seem somehow more intimate and, as the sea is often calmer, more peaceful.

Two points on opposite sides of Fisher channel commemorate early settlers in the area. On Hunter Island to the west is Carpenter Point, named after an “old fur seal hunter.” Across the way on King Island, Bernhardt Point bears the name of an early settler who homesteaded in Lama Passage. You may notice six rocks poking above the water east of the centre of the channel. These are Fog Rocks, actually the tops of an undersea pinnacle, and they mark Calling-in-Point 2 of the Vessel Traffic Service, Prince Rupert Traffic Zone. Small boats can safely anchor west of Clayton Island. On several occasions hand loggers have anchored their float camps in the area.

History :

The name Lama Passage is a corrupted version of Llama, the name of the brig bought from her American owners by the Hudsons Bay Company in 1832 and used in the founding of Fort McLoughlin (on the site of old Bella Bella) the following year.

In the many bays along the Hunter Island shore of Lama Passage a group of hopeful Icelanders began a settlement known simply as Hunter Island. The first homesteaders took up land as early as the 1920s and gradually all the land west of Serpent Point was settled. By the 1920s there were about fifty people living there, with enough children to necessitate a school. For some reason the schoolhouse was built on an island and every morning the teacher and her ten or eleven students had to row to class. It was a difficult existence, and by the end of the twenties all the settlers had given up and left.

Zoning : No zoning
Legal : Lama Passage, Bella Bella BC
a) Lot 1, Plan VIP75222, District Lot 1278, Coast Range 3 Land District PlD 025-650-921
b) Lot 2, Plan VIP75222, District Lot 1278, Coast Range 3 Land District PlD 025,650-939
c) Lot 3, Plan VIP75222, District Lot 1278, Coast Range 3 Land District PID 025-650-947
d) Lot 4, Plan VIP75222, District Lot 1278, Coast Range 3 Land District PlD 025-650-955
e) Lot 5. Plan VIP75222. District Lot 1278. Coast Range 3 Land District PlD 025-650-963
f) Lot 6, Plan VIP7522.2, District Lot 1278, Coast Range 3 Land District PlD 025-650-971
g) Lot 7, Plan VIP75222, District Lot 1278, Coast Range 3 Land District PlD 025-650-980
h) Lot 8. Plan VIP75222. District Lot 1278, Coast Range 3 Land District PlD 025-650-998
Taxes : $2,926.15 (2014)


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