Lund Restaurant & Home for sale: 2 bedroom (Listed 2008-10-02)


The Boardwalk Restaurant, Lund, BC

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  • Sold on 2009-10-02
  • Property AddressThe Boardwalk Restaurant, Lund, BC, Canada
  • TypeRestaurant & Home
  • Parkingnone
  • Bedrooms2

The Boardwalk Restaurant, Lund, BC, Canada


Great business & lifestyle opportunity. Extensively renovated turnkey operation licensed for 163 seating capacity. Food primary license allows full bar & entertainment. Includes a 2 bdrm home above restaurant & two outbuildings.


Listing #: 08377

Legal Description: License of Occupation

Taxes: $1,704.37 (2013)

Zoning: Rural

Description: Overhanging the ocean in a tourism Mecca this is a great business and lifestyle opportunity. The area is well known for prawns, shrimp, scallops, oysters, mussels, clams, crabs, halibut and salmon, all of which are brought to market by the Lund fishing fleet. Extensively renovated turnkey operation licensed for 163 seating capacity. Food primary license allows for full bar and entertainment. This business also includes a 2 bedroom home above the restaurant and two outbuildings for storage and retail space.

The Restaurant began its life as a floating bunk house for timber cutters further up the West Canadian coast from its present location, and was towed into Lund Harbour in 1926 by creditors who claimed it after the Logging Company went into liquidation.

It was then placed on piers which was the beginning of a chequered career for the building. It was used as a house and provided security for many different families over a number of years, spent some of its life as Carvers Coffee Shop, then the Starboard Café, The Sunset Restaurant at The End of The World, and now, The Boardwalk Restaurant.

Major renovations took place this last winter with the deck being completely replaced, the interior reconfigured to accommodate more seating and the kitchen updated to provide a more efficient service.

The restaurant is famous however as a spot to watch the most fantastic sunsets Canada has to offer. Add to this the sight of seals popping their heads up as they search the harbour for food, otters at play, and birds of all species preening themselves in the fresh water which enters the harbour in front of the restaurant from Thulin Creek. This is the most ideal place on earth to dine!

Access to the restaurant is via a boardwalk from the Lund Harbour parking area, past the waterwheel (it generates power for the boardwalk lighting requirements) and onto the restaurant deck. Parking is available to restaurant guests in the harbour car park, and although space gets hard to find in the middle of summer it is worth the effort as Lund is a great place to visit.



1x Beverage Air Refrigeration Prep Table
2x Frymaster Deep Fryer
1x Quest 7 Burner Char Broiler
1x Quest 10 Burner Range with Salamander
1x Epson Kitchen Printer
1x Range Guard Fire Suppression System
1x Hobart Dishwasher System
4x Dishwasher Trays
1x 12’ Range Hood
1x Idea Food Warmer
1x Four Station Timer
1x Danby Designer Microwave
1x Four Slice Toaster
1x K Guard Fire Extinguisher
8x Bus Bins
5x Heavy Duty Floor Mats
Pots, Pans, Bowls and Saucepans

1x Fire Extinguisher
2x Hamilton Beach Blindfolds
19x 1 Litre Crafts
17x ½ Litre crafts
9x Water Jugs
1x Sony CD Player
1x 3 Door Foster SS Bar Fridge
1x Sharp Cash Register
1x Epson Bar Printer
2x Trolleys
1x Timber Coffee Station
63 x Cups & Saucers
22x Milk Jugs
22x Wine Glass Holders
70x Menu Holders
25x Wine List Covers
6x Tea Pots
20x Shot glasses
12x Bill Folders
6x Serving Trays
315x Assorted Glasses
Dining Area

9x Timber Tables
36x Chairs
2x Sony Speakers
4x Metal Artwork Pieces
14x Wine Speak Pictures
1x Multi Coloured Art Piece
5x Shell Lights
Outside Deck

16x Fold Up Stools
9x Table & Chairs
1x Wine Barrel
17x Umbrellas
1x Visitors Book Stand
1x Permasten Stainless Steel BBQ
Desert Prep Area

2x Danby Silhouette Microwaves
1x GE 2 Door Vertical Fridge Freezer
1x Frigidaire Chest Freezer
Assortment of Take out Containers

2x Child Booster Seats
2x Highchairs
1x 240 V Generator
1x 6x6 Walk in Cold Room
1x Kenmore Washing Machine
1x Ingles Dryer
1x GE Chest Freezer
2x Frigidaire Upright Freezer
1x Holman 2 Converter Toaster

Location: Lund is a small fishing village located at the north end of Highway 101. Also known as the Pacific Coastal Highway and is the longest coastal highway in the world stretching from Lund, in Canada, through the United States, then Central America to Chile where it ends in the village of Quellon, Porto Monte, on the South American Coast.

Traveling to Lund can be a stunning experience if you have the time to explore the magnificent Canadian coast and love beautiful scenery.

While Lund is only some 130 km north from Vancouver, the trip by car takes several hours as there are two ferry trips to experience which is an adventure in itself. They provide some of the most amazing views of the mountains, waterfalls, and pine forests which stretch from the water’s edge to the mountain tops. Your drive however will be continually interrupted as you stop to pull out your camera along the way to capture the unbelievable sights.

Access: Large vehicle and passenger ferries leave regularly from Horseshoe Bay, North Vancouver ( and there is a daily bus service from Vancouver to Powell River provided by Malaspina Coaches (

Alternatively Pacific Coastal Air ( flies to Powell River several times a day with this flight providing a breathtaking view of Vancouver Island and the Malaspina Peninsula during the 25 minute trip.

The drive from Powell River to Lund takes just 25 minutes, and when you arrive you are at the gateway to Desolation Sound, which boasts some of the best scuba diving conditions in the world not to mention the wildlife and marine life which draw thousands of tourists and fishermen annually.

Recreation: The Area Surrounding the Boardwalk Restaurant is renowned as the "hot spot" for boating, fishing, scuba diving, hiking, kayaking, sightseeing and an abundance of other outdoor activities.

Desolation Sound Provincial Marine Park
(8,256 Hectares) is British Columbia’s largest marine park. It includes more than 60 km of shoreline, several offshore islands, and a gradually rising upland that contains a number of lakes, waterways, and waterfalls. Unwin Lake; a 173-hectare body of fresh water is the parks largest. Set back to the North and East, Coast Mountains soar to more than 2,400 meters. The warm waters surrounding the area teem with sea life. Ideal for swimming, scuba diving and feasting on your catch of the day, salmon, cod, prawns, crab, clams and oysters. Plenty other tasty morsels lie beneath on the oceans floor; to acquire them you must put on your scuba gear and get a little wet.

Savary Island
Savary Island is located a 5 minute boat ride away and is renowned for its miles of white sandy beaches. Amazing views of Savary can be viewed right from the deck and it almost seems like it is a stones through away. The Island itself is largely composed of sand. Savary is about five miles long and averages half a mile wide. Low-lying Savary is ideally situated in the rainshadow between Vancouver Island and the Coastal Mountains.

The tides moving from the north and south of Georgia Strait meet just north of Savary. The southern tide is warm and the waters move less. This results in generally warmer seas. This water flows over Savary's sunbaked sandy shelf producing the warmest water north of Mexico.

Enjoy easy road access to the many lakes and rivers. The area boasts more than 50 fresh water lakes surrounded by thousands of hectares of pristine coastal forests. Inland Lake is known for its level, 14 km trail which can accommodate wheelchairs and strollers. You may prefer a day of paddling the calm, clear waters of a peaceful lake, or, you can take on the challenge of a 35 miles (57 kilometre) canoe route which includes 8 lakes and five portages. Dinner is fresh and never far away as the region's lakes teem with trout and at certain times of the year, steelhead salmon!

Hike, Bike and Climb
The Sunshine Coast's thousands of hectares of untouched forest and coastal mountains make for unbeatable mountain biking, hiking and rock climbing. Thousands of kilometres of off-road access and trail networks facilitate easy day trips to scenic view points, lakes, rivers, streams and surrounding mountains.

The 106 miles (170 kilometre) Sunshine Coast Trail accommodates everyone from day hikers to ultra-marathoners. Easy to get to with more than twenty access points along the way, hikers are rewarded with abundant wildlife, gorgeous lookout points and stunning westerly views of the Strait of Georgia and its emerald islands. The trail is extremely well maintained and hikers can take advantage of camping facilities and lodging located along the route.

During the spring and summer months take advantage of guided hikes, or let the local hiking club introduce you to some of the region’s most popular wilderness trails. Maps and detailed information regarding hiking routes and activities are available 20 minutes away at the Powell River Visitor Centre.

There are numerous biking routes well suited to beginner, intermediate and advanced off-road riders.

Dive Destination
Known internationally as the "Dive Capital of Canada" the Upper Sunshine Coast was rated by Rodales Dive Magazine as the #1 Best Overall Dive Destination in the World" for 2006. A predator-free dive habitat, the coastal waters boast a visibility range of up to 98 feet (30 metres). Especially clear waters during the winter months make for excellent viewing of the area’s wolf eel and giant octopus. One of the area’s leading diving attractions is located in the waters in front of Saltery Bay Provincial Park. The Emerald Princess, an eight foot (2.5 metre) bronze statue of a mermaid located in 59 feet (18 metres) attracts dive enthusiasts from around the world. Other dive sites include several wrecks, the Okeover Caves and numerous coastal boat dives which highlight the diverse and colorful underwater world of the B.C. coast.

Powell River is a gateway to many destinations in the surrounding area including Texada Island, Desolation Sound, and Savary Island.

The Sunshine Coast is truly a fishing mecca. Fish for cod or salmon in front of your oceanview acreage and grill your catch on the barbecue that evening. Whether you are reeling in a salmon or jigging for cod, fly fishing for cutthroat, rainbow trout and Steelhead salmon or trolling for Kokanee in one of the region’s spectacular lakes, you will not be disappointed! This pristine ocean waterfront sanctuary offers up prawns a mere 300 feet off shore. Crab, clams mussels and oysters are also abundant in the area.

B.C.'s west coast abounds with wildlife. While relaxing in this pristine natural environment, you may glimpse a great blue heron stalking its morning catch along the shoreline; observe a playful otter family darting in and out of tidal rocks, or watch deer wandering through an open meadow. Eagles and ospreys soar on the warm ocean breezes; below porpoises, killer whales or grey whales might break the surface of the water as they traverse the coast. Seals and sea lions are seen on a regular basis.

The region is known for its exceptional bird watching. Loons, mergansers, wood ducks and harlequins are but a few of the waterfowl that make their home along the coast. In the spring tiny ruby red rufous hummingbirds dart from flower to flower; great owls watch silently in the forest, and in the fall pale chevrons of snow geese move across the sky, heading south for the winter. Nature, pure and unspoiled, awaits you.

Okeover Inlet
Make your way to Okeover Arm Provincial Park, the oyster capital of Canada. Okeover is a 10 minute drive from Base Camp To Adventure. Hand pick beautiful oysters on the beach or just sit back and marvel at sunset while you dine on the catch-of-the-day at one of the region's finest restaurants, The Laughing Oyster.

History: Lund is a quiet village about 17 miles north of Powell River, and the physical ending (or, as argued by locals, the "starting") point of Highway 101, which stretches to Chile, South America. The Historic Lund Hotel symbolizes the heart of Lund, and to marine traffic it is the symbolic gateway to beautiful Desolation Sound Marine Park.

The area that is now Lund has been known to the Coast Salish peoples for thousands of years was a village site of the Sliammon people. The village of Klah ah men was home to dozens of families and a desirable location as it was accessible by land and sea so approaching visitors could be detected from afar.

Further, both I hohs (Savary Island) and Tohk natch (Okeover Inlet), plentiful in shellfish, salmon and land mammals, were only short paddles away. Fresh water was ample as were Cedar trees, the main material source in the production of tools, shelter, clothing and more. Ceremonies, both spiritual and social in nature, were held at Klah ah men, and included dance, song, and recreational games that were a major part of Coast Salish culture.

In 1889, Fred & Charlie Thulin arrived from Sweden, looking for a better life in the new "land of opportunity". The brothers first set eyes upon the area that would later become Lund while sailing by on the side-wheeler tugboat Mermaid on their way to find employment logging in Pendrell Sound. Shortly thereafter Fred and Charlie settled in the area they named Lund, after the University town of the same name in their native Sweden, immediately building a wharf, logging the bay, piping in water and converting suitable land on the settlement to farm land.

In 1892, a post office was established, one of only two north of Vancouver at the time. A general store was constructed and shortly thereafter the first passenger and mail boat began making regular stops at Lund, tying it to the world. By 1895, the brothers had built Lund’s first hotel, which held both the first hotel license and the first liquor license to be issued north of Vancouver. A bottle of the best scotch was available for $1.50 and the basement of the hotel housed a jail cell, primarily used to “accommodate” any drunken rowdies patronizing the hotel. By 1905 the Thulins had purchased the first donkey engine seen up the coast, built their first steamboat, "City of Lund", and expanded their chain of stores to Sliammon Village and to where present day Townsite is. As coastal traffic continued to increase, in 1905 the Thulins began construction of a second hotel, The Malaspina, which in 1918 was renamed the Lund Hotel after the original building was destroyed by fire.

In November 1999 the Sliammon First Nation and a local businessman purchased the property and commenced extensive renovations, reopening the doors in the spring of 2000. Although further improvements and expansion are planned, the Hotel currently boasts 27 well-appointed guest rooms and the new pub and restaurant feature un-obscured ocean views as well as spectacular menus. During the warmer months, guests may dine on the spacious waterfront decks, savoring the ocean breeze and the bustling activity of Lund Harbour. Historic photos grace the walls of the entire hotel, telling the story of the Hotel and Lund as only those immortalized by the camera could truly tell it

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