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Base Camp to Adventure, Mt Payne , BC

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  • Sold on 2014-10-02
  • Property AddressBase Camp to Adventure, Mt Payne , BC, Canada
  • TypeOutback Adventure Property

West Kootenays

Base Camp to Adventure, Mt Payne , BC, Canada


78 acre Outback Adventure property overlooking Kokanee Glacier. Unprecedented 360 degree views. 7,500 ft elevation. Ideal for down hill mountain biking, hiking, climbing, exploring for gold/silver, atv, snowmobiling, photography, reading, writing, meditation, etc.





  • District Lot 593: 10.18 acres (Galena Mineral Claim)
  • District Lot 594: 17.57 acres (Blue Jay Mineral Claim)
  • District Lot 595: 33.61 acres (Starlight 3 Mineral Claim)
  • District Lot 1848: 7.17 acres (Silver Cord Mineral Claim)
  • District Lot 1850: 11.15 acres (Little Widow Mineral Claim)
  • TOTAL: 79.68 acres

  • Base Camp to Adventure defines what life would be like owning such unique property.

    Whether you are an extreme outdoors adventurer who thrives on mans ability to challenge the simplicity of nature with little comfort or you are an adventurer but demand absolute comfort through modern day convenience and technologies or somewhere in between. This is an opportunity for challenge and you control the various degrees of difficulty.

    Step back in time; hike in on foot or horseback with your supplies into a rustic camp as the old prospectors did, or drive your brand new machines to the top, to accommodation that rivals the comforts of home. Either way it’s an adventure.

    The one connecting factor is once there, standing on what seems like “the top of the world” you cannot help feel invigorated or enlightened by what your eyes will see. There is no other way to explain it, and to fully appreciate it you have to actually experience it yourself.

    The view in all directions is incredible. On clear days you can see what seems like forever. There is a fantastic view from the property of the Kokanee Glacier.

    There are numerous areas to improve the property for the base camp to adventure.

    The sale includes 5 titles of land and the under surface rights and mineral claims for each of the titles. The region has a lengthy history of exploration and discovery of silver and gold. There could very well be significant mineral reserves within these claims.

    With an elevation of over 7,500 feet the property is ideal for downhill mountain biking which has become a popular outback adventure sport.

    Hiking, mountain and rock climbing, exploring for gold and silver, atv’ing, snowmobiling, photography, reading, writing, meditation are just some ideas for the use of this property.

    This could be an incredibly private sanctuary for an individual but it also lends itself well for special interest groups and tourism operators.

    Location : Mount Payne is situated between Kaslo and New Denver in the West Kootenay region of British Columbia.
    Access : Traveling east to Kaslo from New Denver approximately 5 kms. Past the junction to Sandon and before you get to Bear Lake is a turnoff to the right called the Slocan Rambler road. The road has been recently traveled as some mining exploration work has been done on nearby claims.

    There is also access from the south from the abandoned ghost town of Codey which is about 3 kms. East of Sandon. Both roads are mining roads built in the early part of the century; they are usually passable in a 4x4 or ATV.
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    Recreation :

    This park was created to protect the diverse topography, majestic peaks and unique vegetation typical of the Selkirk Mountains. There are many opportunities here for the backcountry adventurer. Several beaches for boaters, some for water-skiers and others for canoeists. Varied and abundant hiking opportunities from short walks to wilderness treks and mountain climbing. The park has opportunities for a number of recreational activities including hiking, fishing and wildlife viewing.

    The 49,600 hectare Valhalla Park is a dramatically diverse area encompassing 30 km along the west shore of the Slocan Lake and most of the Valhalla range of the Selkirk Mountains. The peaks are truly magnificent.

    Numerous cirque basins, several larger deep lakes and chains of smaller lakes surround the ridges. Cascades and waterfalls are common on almost every creek. The shoreline of Slocan Lake is for the most part a rugged combination of bluffs and large rocks interspersed with beautifully isolated pebble and sand beaches.

    The forest vegetation is a diverse, dense mix of species with cedar and hemlock being the most common. The park supports important populations of mountain goat, and grizzly bear along with most other locally common species of large and small animals. Alpine ptarmigans and golden eagles are favoured birds to watch when hiking.

    Other parks in the area include Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park and the Purcell Wilderness Conservancy.

    New Denver and area is mountaineering and hiking dream come true. Enjoy the drive from New Denver to Kaslo to the east as it is called by locals as “Little Switzerland” because of all of the alpine lakes and vistas. There is plenty of wild life, alpine meadows and lake fishing opportunities around every corner
    Area Data : The discovery of mountains full of silver in the 1890’s brought fortune seekers by the thousands to the Slocan Valley – thus the name “Silvery Slocan” name for the area came to be. Through New Denver, Slocan and Silverton, it is the gate way to the unspoiled wilderness of Valhalla Provincial Park.

    Rising from the west shore of Slocan Lake, the Valhalla wilderness features tumultuous creeks and waterfalls, crystalline lakes and magnificent stands of beautiful tall timber.

    Rich in history, you will find museums in Silverton, New Denver and Sandon. Known in the 1890's as the “Monte Carlo of North America,” the City of Sandon lies in the Selkirk Mountain Range high in the heart of the “Silvery Slocan.” Famed for its unbelievably rich deposits of silver-lead ore, following the 1891 discovery of silver by Eli Carpenter and Jack Seaton, thousands of men soon filled the small valley.

    In its heyday, Sandon boasted 29 hotels, 28 saloons, three breweries, one of the largest “red light districts” in Western Canada, many theatres and opera houses, a soft drink plant, a cigar factory, three sawmills, three churches, two newspapers, a schoolhouse, a hospital and even a curling rink and a bowling alley. In addition, Sandon was home to over 5,000 people, including miners and millionaires, con men and gamblers, land speculators and “ladies of the evening.”

    Since the 1970's, a group of dedicated volunteers has worked to preserve and restore artifacts and buildings including the beautifully restored Slocan Mercantile Block, which now houses the Sandon Historical Society Museum and Visitor’s Centre. Today, Sandon is recognized as a historic site of international significance, and draws over 60,000 visitors a year to enjoy its many attractions and its amazing display of authentic BC history.

    The Nikkie Internment Center located at New Denver remembers the displacement of thousands of Japanese Canadians to the area during World War II.

    To capture the true flavour of the Slocan, take the Silvery Slocan Heritage tour, a scenic 323 km. drive through time.
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    Legal :
  • District Lot 593, Kootenay Land District PID 016-414-039 (Galena Mineral Claim)
  • District Lot 594, Kootenay Land District PID 016-414-071 (Blue Jay Mineral Claim)
  • District Lot 595, Kootenay Land District PID 016-414-098 (Starlight 3 Mineral Claim)
  • District Lot 1848, Kootenay Land District PID 023-623-926 (Silver Cord Mineral Claim)
  • District Lot 1850, Kootenay Land District PID 016-377-788 (Little Widow Mineral Claim)
  • Taxes :
  • DL 593: $61.29
  • DL 594: $72.13
  • DL 595: $199.68
  • DL 1848: $38.18
  • DL 1850: $61.65
  • TOTAL: $432.93 (2011)
  • Boundaries :

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